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    Angkor Dynasty
    00855, Charles De Gaulle, Siem Reap
    Through the presentation of new, difficult, strange and beautiful modern artistic expressions and contemporary stage high-tech, visitors can learn about the mysterious history of the Angkor dynasty. There are many highlights in the drama, such as the multi-faceted mechanical stage of 15 million, the simulated elephant made by 300,000 is comparable to the real image, the 10 tons of Cambodian rice descending from the sky, and the large-scale thrilling acrobatics "death wheel" lead to the heroic and tragic war of the neighboring war. 
    Bambu Stage
    Siem Reap Kingdom of Cambodia
    Bambu Stage has two big green growing shoots. The first is to change perceptions about the history, cultures and issues that affect Cambodia. When you’re more informed you become a better traveller. Having worked in museums and theatre all our lives we know people really enjoy an authentic experience- something that comes from the heart of a culture. Something that lets those shoot grow with abundance
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